Steve Johnson- Youth Director                                                              WestviewSteve@gmail.com

Westview Baptist Church, Youth Ministries is a fun and energetic experience for students from 6th through 12th grade. We strive to make a difference in our community, find answers to our questions, make long lasting relationships, and talk about real issues in our own lives and society as a whole.

  We have a calendar full of awesome events and projects that include:

  • Back to School Program where we gather and donate school supplies and distribute them to families in our very own community 
  • Blake House Program where we gather and donate food, toiletries, and clothing for the men working their way through the Blake House Regeneration Program www.theblakehouse.net/about-us/ 
  • Annual Youth Trip
  • Judgment Journey judgmentjourney.com/ 
  • Winter Jam www.jamtour.com    
  • Six Flags
  • Bowling
  • Lock-Ins
  • Fundraisers
  • And much more

Sunday and Wednesday nights we eat snacks, play games, and have a lesson. These lessons include:

  • Answering your questions about Christianity and the Bible
  • Proving and defending the validity of the Bible (Apologetics)
  • Understanding biblical doctrine
  • Bible studies where we dive deep into scripture and thoughtfully evaluate scripture for a deeper and more clear understanding
  • Discussions involving:
    • The more philosophical side of Christianity
    • Moral issues
    • Controversial issues in our society
    • Evaluating other Christian denominations and other religions in general
  • Get there early to join in on “tea time” and “real talk” where we talk about whatever is happening in our lives, the problems we are facing, personal issues, and if you just need to vent. What’s said in the youth group stays in the youth group. That’s what makes our youth group, our family. We are there for each other.

Come see what awesome ways God can use you to “Let your light shine among men so that they might see your good works and praise your father in heaven” Matthew 5:16

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